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    Dr. Jeffrey Karp, PhD

    Professor at Harvard Medical School


    Dr. Karp is a bioengineer who has spent 30+ years creating advanced biomaterials and is recognized as a leader in bioinspired medical innovation.


    Technologies developed in the Karp Lab include regenerative therapeutics, tissue adhesives for nerve reconstruction and hernia repair, and auto-stopping needles.


    Dr. Karp has published over 125 peer-reviewed papers with >32,000 citations. He has over 100 issued or pending patents. Most recently, Jeff received the highest award from the Society For Biomaterials for innovation – the Clemson Award for Applied Research. Technology Review Magazine (TR35) also recognized Karp as one of the world's top innovators.

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    Dr. Nitin Joshi, PhD

    Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School


    Dr. Joshi is a bioengineer who has spent 15+ years working at the intersection of chemistry, material science, biology, and medicine.


    His lab's highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research focuses on developing translatable drug-delivery technologies, leading to multiple patents, many of which are issued to biotech companies and advancing through clinical trials.


    Dr. Joshi’s research has led to 30+ peer-reviewed publications in top-tier journals, including Nature Communications, Science Advances, Nanotoday, Biomaterials, and Journal of Controlled Release. He has received numerous awards, including MIT’s Technology Review Award, Lockheed Martin Innovation Award, Boston Patent Law Association (BPLA) 2020 Invented Here! and Stepping Strong COVID-19 Research Award.

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