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Profi Nasal Spray

Profi Nasal Spray

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Formulated by scientists at Harvard Medical School, Profi supports a strong immune system by helping to capture, block, and neutralize inhaled airborne contaminants.

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Profi Power

Profi is a whole new approach that works WITH our natural defenses.

✔️ Scientifically proven to work across a WIDE range of airborne contaminants

✔️ Clinically used naturally occurring molecules, including pectin & gellan

✔️ USP-certified ingredients to ensure quality and purity in each spray

✔️ Drug-free, non-drowsy, & non-addictive

Profi Love

  • — Kathy W

    “I use before and after flights and while traveling for work. Fits in my purse for high-risk situations. It’s one of the ones I know actually works…”

  • Christina M

    “I do not consider myself a nasal spray girl, but I tried this product when masks came off. Very easy and quick to use, no stinging or discomfort. A totally different way to support my immune system, simply does not compare to other nasal sprays.”

  • Megan L

    “Really every person in America should have a bottle of this in their cabinet, or better, their purse. The published science is incredible, and I love that it’s drug-free.”

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What’s Inside?

Profi contains just 6 ingredients, all of which are listed on the FDA's IID or GRAS lists. These ingredients are clinically proven to be safe for nasal applications.

  • Pectin

    Extracted from orange peels and known for natural protection.

  • Gellan

    Natural ingredient that forms a hydrogel that helps block airborne contaminants. 

  • Purified Water

    Helps to form a mist of perfectly sized droplets.

  • Phenethyl Alcohol

    Organic compound found naturally in flowers. This ingredient helps to increase shelf life.

  • Polysorbate 80

    A solubilizer that helps maintain a smooth consistency for long-lasting support.

  • Benzalkonium chloride

    Organic compound used as a broad-spectrum preservative.

Profi is manufactured in the USA using USP-grade ingredients that meet the highest purity and quality standards.